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初一英语一分钟自我介绍 篇1

  Myself My name is .I have a happy family.There are three people in my family.They are my father,my mother,and I.They love me,and I love them,too. I like having any food.My favourite food is potatoes.They are very delicious.I usually have it for my lunch. And Im a basketball player.I like basketball very much. I have a dog called .He only eats meat.I often play with it.And he always runs around me.We are .

初一英语一分钟自我介绍 篇2

  hello everyone, I am from nanning in guangxi, my name is Linda, I this year 16 years hobby is eat food,reading novels, listening to music. I do not love sport. because I am lazy. I like go shopping with friend. I like and friend to share my snake. I like to eat sweet foods, such as ice cream and cakes. I grow is not high. belong to the medium height my eyes is very big, often boast good looking. I love learning, love writing. I am good at subject is English, the most not good at subject is math.

初一英语一分钟自我介绍 篇3

  My name is , i wish to be your member one day, your english club is fomous for your amazing english. and i know your club also help people to learn english. do you hear the saying: never too old to learn? it means a person should learn knowlege till he /she is old . i have a warm heart to learn english since i touch it . please , let me be one of helpful members in your club. i am happy to hear from you.